A Race for a Cause

Meridian Adventure Race not only live to inspire exploration and adventure but also share an intense zeal for creating outstanding opportunities for people to bring out their best.

It is more than just RACE Day, it is about EVERY Day!

As people who love the outdoors, we firmly believe in protecting it. EPIC BLUE is grounded in the firm principle of challenging yourself for a greater purpose. It is about putting our energy into something where we can collectively show our commitment to look after our ocean.

Race for a cause

Why we care about our oceans

Overfishing, climate change, pollution, and the lack of education have pushed our oceans to the brink of collapse.

The oceans are home to an estimated two billion species

From the largest animal that has ever lived to the tiniest bacteria, marine habitats contain by far the greatest diversity of life on earth.

More than one billion people rely on the oceans for food

Small-scale fisheries provide a source of food and income for hundreds of millions of people.

The oceans regulate climate to make our planet inhabitable

Powerful ocean currents transport warm water and rain from the equator to the poles and send cold water from the poles back to the tropics.

Every breath we take comes from the sea

More than half the planet’s oxygen is produced by ocean-dwelling organisms (called phytoplankton) that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We believe in our initiative which brings people who love the ocean together around ocean conservation at our events: using their energy in their sport, for good. We call this “SWIMMERS FOR THE SEA” and invite some of the top athletes to apply to support this initiative and lead the way.

We keep the word EPIC at the heart of our EPIC BLUE Race events. We find the most incredible waters and we aim for the sky. We do not count the miles, but we make the miles count.

It is not just a race!


Move your body, engage your mind