EPICBLUE raises funds for Plastic Oceans

EPICBLUE is honoured to have partnered, alongside Plastic Oceans – an International nonprofit organisation raising awareness about plastic pollution to inspire behavioural change.

Plastic Oceans International is a nonprofit organisation working to end plastic pollution. Their aim is to change consumer behaviour, corporate and public policy, and foster solutions to plastic waste. More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually, yet more than 90% of all plastic is not recycled. At least eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year—equal to a garbage truck per minute. Studies find plastic pollutes the air, water and entire food chain, threatening human health, wildlife and the planet. Through solutions-focused films and digital content, Plastic Oceans promotes a global movement to rethink plastic as a whole.

“We are proud to again be on board as the official sustainability partner of the EPICBLUE Series of races,” said Tod Hardin, Global Head Of Operations for Plastic Oceans. “The power of sport to bring people together for a collective cause is immeasurable and this relationship is a perfect fit for our efforts to do so. We look forward to being part of the Movement that Meridian Adventure Race is building.”

Plastic Oceans International
Plastic Oceans and Meridian Adventure Race

All three races will be aimed towards not only raising funds for Plastic Oceans’ conservation efforts but to also encourage ocean education through various activities with the local communities and government of each race location. The EPICBLUE Series was founded with the sole purpose to utilise a collective of outdoor enthusiasts to help amplify the cause of creating thriving oceans – and that is the reason why we refer to EPICBLUE as a MOVEMENT!

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With an upfront donation of €2,500, Meridian Adventure Race wishes to kickstart the initiative and motivate others to do the same in the effort to promote a global movement to rethink plastic. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a lot or a little – every bit helps.

On top of this initial donation, EPICBLUE will also donate 5% of registrations to Plastic Ocean and will be hosting a fundraiser on their behalf at a Gala Dinner in Izmir, Turkey in July 2021.

If you would like to donate money towards the cause, please visit our Facebook Page for more details and keep an eye on our NEWS section on this website.