Three times ÖTILLÖ World Champions join the Meridian Adventure Race family as ambassadors for the 2020/2021 EPICBLUE Series!

In a bid to bring passionate athletes who love the ocean together around ocean conservation, using their energy in their sport for good – EPICBLUE is excited to announce the first ambassadors for the series, Kristin Larsson and Annika Ericsson.

EPICBLUE Ambassadors

As the winning team of the women Long Endurance EPICBLUE Finale Ligure 2019 race and three-time ÖTILLÖ World Champions, Annika and Kristin is the perfect fit to join all three events across the globe in 2020 to help us rally support towards Ocean Health.

EPICBLUE Team winners

Annika started swimming competitively at a very young age and whilst only stumbling across Swimrun with her first ÖTILLÖ race in 2012, she is now a five-time ÖTILLÖ champion 8 years later. With two children and a full-time job, she finds ways to balance it all, whilst ensuring family comes first.

Kristin went from cross-country skiing to full-time adventure racing where she spent a few years travelling and racing in the AR world series circuit. After her husband won his first ÖTILLÖ race, Kristin got into the sport and got hooked after her first SwimRun event in 2015. With a full-time job in investment banking and two small children, she takes every opportunity to train and spending time with the family – at the moment 50% of her running is with the stroller in hand.

We asked them a few questions about themselves and the sport of SwimRun that makes for a great read for anyone thinking of getting into the sport:

What is your training regime like and what tips would you give people who are new to the sport?

Kristin: With two small kids my training time is limited and I think this is how everyday life looks like for most people my age. My best advice is to plan the weeks but also to be very flexible and take the opportunities for training when they appear. I’m currently on maternity leave and I do my swimming early in the mornings before my husband goes to work and while the kids are sleeping.

Annika: I do most of my workouts, especially swimming in the mornings before work and I use the transportation to and from work for training. My training weeks vary depending on workload and the kids’ activities – so it could be anything between 10-15 hours. For new beginners in SwimRun I would recommend getting used to running in the wetsuit and swimming with the shoes in open water. It is quite different and can be challenging.

EPICBLUE 2020_Annika and Kristin

What do you love most about multisport format races?

Kristin; I like the variation in my training. Practising several sports prevents injuries and make the training weeks more exciting.

Annika: The variation. It never gets boring and monotonous. It is often in new exotic environments and you get to see places you would never see otherwise.

Why do you prefer racing with a partner?

Kristin: The team aspect adds another dimension to the experiences. I like individual racing as well but it’s great fun to have someone to share the experience and memories with. Racing with a strong teammate helps me to push myself a few steps further.

Annika: Swimrun is a two-person sport and your teammate is one of the most important factors for success. You must trust each other and enjoy training and racing as a team and use each other’s capacities. The best part is that you get to share everything together, the fun, the beauty and the also the tuff times.

Annika and Kristin_EPICBLUE

Which race of the year (Raja Ampat, Turkey, Italy) are you most looking forward to?

Kristin; I’m really looking forward to the race in Raja Ampat. I have raced in Borneo and Australia but never in a place like this. It will be a fantastic adventure and I’m looking forward to experiencing this with Annika and all the other racers.

Annika: New races in new places are inspiring and these three races are exciting for both me and Kristin. I have been racing in Bali, Indonesia before, but Raja Ampat seems to be in an even more exotic place, which will be fantastic. Also, the swims and trailrun in Turkey seem very beautiful and it will be great fun to explore.

Which SwimRuns that you have done has been the most challenging?

Kristin; All races are challenging in different aspects, but the ÖtillÖ World Championship is extraordinary. It’s the most important race in the sport, you face the strongest competition and is 9 hours of hard work. The weather can be unpredictable and you will go through ups and downs along the way.

Annika: ÖtillÖ is one of the most challenging races. It such a long race and you must stay focused for a whole day. You must adapt to the weather and move with the wind and waves and not against them. It is challenging but it is also so much fun to conquer the elements.

Meridian Adventure Race Ambassadors

Join Annika and Kristin in Raja Ampat, Indonesia; Izmir, Turkey and Finale Ligure, Italy for this year’s EPICBLUE Series!

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