What is a SwimRun?

SWIMRUN is a unique multisport format that has rapidly grown over the past 10 years.

It is unique in the challenge that one can rarely race or even train on the same course twice – facing dynamic elements such as winds, waves, currents, sun and rain.

In summary, it is an endurance sport set along a course of trail runs and open water swims without stopping or changing gear/equipment – meaning you will be running in your wetsuit and swimming in your trainers.

This unique composition of swimming and running entails participants to interchange between the two without changing clothes and carrying everything they need for the race with them.

The sports format also typically requires one to compete in teams of two. Experiencing these challenges together with a teammate is another strong contributing factor towards the great uptake of the SWIMRUN format – allowing you to face these challenges together, whilst keeping each other safe and motivated at the same time.

The History of SWIMRUN

In 2002, four friends had a late night at Uto hostel. A challenge was put forward to go from Uto to Sandhamn Island, in teams of two, all while running and swimming.

The route was free of choice and the adventure self-supported. Through this, SWIMRUN was born and in 2006, the world’s first SWIMRUN race took place along a very same route, which is the now famous Otillo Main Race. Of the nine teams starting, only two managed to finish the race.

The SWIMRUN Race Format

Originating from the original SWIMRUN adventure, the sport is defined as:

“Always carried out outdoors on land and in water. Including at least two swim and run sections. Whatever equipment a participant starts with, has to be brought to the finish. You have to race in teams of two and any flotation equipment can’t be larger than 100x60cm”

Niklas Karisson (2018), SWIMRUN – The Guide to SWIMRUN Training and Racing, Stockholm, Sweden

The sport normally involves teams of two, but with our EPIC Blue format – you have the option to register as a solo participant when taking part in the SHORT EXPERIENCE race, which is perfectly aligned towards those participants who are being introduced to SWIMRUN for the first time.

Solo Turkey

Competing in teams of two does have added benefits and helps you in certain areas such as developing your communication skills and when tired – have a shoulder to lean on. There is also the safety aspect of always having somebody around to help where necessary.

In accordance with the SWIMRUN tradition, we have created our EPIC BLUE SWIMRUN race on the three original pillars:


A race which will combine speed in some parts and technicity in others, all whilst you are immersed in breath-taking scenery.


The pleasure of sharing those memorable moments with friends and partners.


Limited plastic usage and supporting key conservation causes.