Here you´ll find everything you need to know as a racer at the EPIC BLUE SWIMRUN race in Turkey. Please read through the various resources thoroughly as the information is of the utmost importance for your experience before and during the race.

Good luck and have fun!
Race Director
Matteo Testa
+33 626 612 673


Entry pre-requisite

  • To be able to participate in EPIC BLUE ENDURANCE SWIMRUN you have to race in a TEAM consisting of two persons that are at least 18 years old and be able to swim.
  • The EPIC BLUE SHORT EXPERIENCE Swimrun Race is open to TEAM’s and also to the SOLO category.


TEAM >> Men, women or mixed | for ENDURANCE Course SOLO >> Men, Women | only for SHORT EXPERIENCE Course

Age Groups :

  • 16 - 19 (Short Experience Only)
  • 20 - 24
  • 25 - 35
  • 36 - 44
  • 45 - 55
  • 56 and over

Entry Fee


  • $300.00 per team


  • $80.00


  • $120.00 per team
  • Your race entry is non-refundable and non-transferable (however you can change one of the athletes should it be required by sending email to mt@meridianadventures.com
  • Each team member need to have a valid insurance for SWIMRUN or Triathlon.
  • Participants will need to be experienced in those types of races.
  • Registrants must be capable of completing the full distance within the event cut off time required. On off roads courses the responsibility falls to you to be prepared for the event you are undertaking.


Racers Responsibility

  • The athletes must know the rules and follow these.
  • The athletes shall respect other athletes, organization, spectators, tourists, the environment and the people living in the race area.
  • The athletes are not allowed to use unfair methods to get advantages.
  • Doping is forbidden.

During the race

  • The athletes are participating at their own risk and cannot hold the organization responsible for any accident during the race.
  • The teams / individuals athletes are obliged at their best ability to help another participant that have been injured or are sick.
  • A team / individual that has abandoned the race shall report it as soon as possible to the organization.
  • If, for any reason an athlete need to abandon the race, the other team member must also stop.
  • Garbage can only be left at the ECO areas. Littering will lead to automatic disqualification at first offence.
  • For safety reasons we will allow NO tow-line on the first running sections of any race.

Race jury

Race jury has 3 persons from the race organisation.

  • The race jury is:
    • Enforcing the rules
    • Decide the outcome of a protest
    • Decide about disqualification
    • Decide about course changes and changes in the rules
  • At least two members of the jury are needed to be able to take a race jury decision.
  • The race jury has the right to use “common sense” to take a decision about a situation, if it is not clear in the rules.
  • The decision of the race jury is definitive.


A protest must be given in writing to the race organization within an hour after finishing the race.

  • A protest must include:
    • Time and location
    • Team number and signatures of the team members
    • Team number or team name of the team that the protest is against
    • The reason for the protest
    • If possible, include witness with name or team number
  • A protest that does not fill the criteria of the above points will be ignored.
  • A decision from the race jury will be communicated with to those involved as soon as possible.


  • Offence against the rules may lead to time penalty or in worst case lead to a disqualification.

    Causes of Disqualification

    • Missing one of the mandatory equipment
    • No lycras bib vest
    • 200m outside off the zone
    • No assistance to a team member or an organiser in danger
    • Pollution of any sites
    • Declining medical exam
    • Doping

    External Assistance

    • It is not allowed to receive assistance from other people than the race organization.
    • Each team has to make their own way from start to finish


You are required to come prepared with the following:

  • Your photo ID
  • A medical certificate showing the practice of Endurance in SWIMRUN or triathlon dated less than 3 months (to be provided at the latest on 1st April). See example file here
  • All participants must provide their full name and details of any health problems or medication upon entry.
  • Each team member, or solo participant needs to have a valid insurance for the practice of SWIMRUN or sports similar to SWIMRUN.
  • All registrations are definitive and will not be reimbursed. Withdraw before the event for any impediment or medical issue, should be addressed to personal insurance of the participant.
  • It is allowed to change one team member of the same gender.


General info about Equipment

  • All teams must bring all their equipment from start to finish.
  • Teams picking-up or dropping-off equipment will be disqualified, unless designated pick-up and drop-off zones exists.
  • Before the race there will be spot checks of the mandatory kit check (spot checks).

Principal equipment per Team

  • A Neoprene wetsuit (shorty type) per person suitable for the current water temperatures. - voluntary
  • Trainers, trail shoes - mandatory
  • Swim goggles - mandatory
  • Swim cap (the one provided by the organization) - mandatory
  • Hand paddles - mandatory
  • Pull-buoy and/or Neoprene calf sleeves - mandatory
  • Tow-line (for TEAM Category) – voluntary
  • Energy snacks to sustain the athletes for the race – 1500 kcal per team.

Technical pack

  • Timing chip (lost or not returned timing chip will be charged 50 Euro)
  • Restube – (water safety device) (lost or not returned RESTUBE will be charged 70 Euro)
  • Lycras bib vest. One per person. Visibly worn during the entire race subject to disqualification (provided by the organiser).
  • Swim cap, one per person, must be worn in all swimming areas (provided by the organiser).
  • Bib vest (in lycra) - (provided by the organization) – mandatory
  • Swim fins are NOT allowed if the fin is longer than 15 cm. (Measurement is from the toe to the end of the fin).



Arrivals & Check-in
14:00 - 19:00
Registration EPIC BLUE Race
Race Briefing for all participants
Cocktail & Buffet Dinner
09:00 - 12:00
Arrivals, Check-ins and Registration
Transfers to the STARTING AREA (Endurance)
START of Endurance Race
START of Experience Race
First athlete expected to arrive at finish line
Finisher Party


Race Course

  • The race course is marked.
  • The athletes must follow the race course shown in map.
  • The athletes that do not follow the course will be disqualified.
  • The athletes shall not overtake other teams and shall walk past tourists within marked-up “danger zones”.

Checkpoints / Energy Stations

  • There will be several water / food checkpoints throughout the course
  • There may be additional un-announced checkpoints along course, not shown on map.
  • Teams failing to pass a checkpoint will be disqualified.

Medical Points

  • There will be several medical points where participants can get help if needed.
  • There will be medical staff and equipment on boats and on land.


  • The time is from the start until the finish line.
  • The TEAM has to pass all timing checkpoints and the finish line together.

Cut Off Times

  • Throughout the course there will be cut offs where the teams need to pass by a certain time to be able to continue racing.
  • Teams must pass cut-off point(s) with a certain time frame presented during the compulsory Race Brief at the latest. Teams or solos that do not make it to specified cut-off point(s) in time will be tak en off the race and disqualified.
  • Information about the cut off times will be given the day before the start.


Categories and Prizes

TEAM >> Men, women or mixed | for LONG ENDURANCE Course
SOLO >> Men, Women | only for SHORT EXPERIENCE Course

Age Groups :

  • 18 -24
  • 25 - 35
  • 36 - 44
  • 45 - 55
  • 56 and over
  • Ranking top 5 overall for each category are rewarded.
  • Age groups top 3 are rewarded.





General Safety Rules

  • The two members of each team has to stay together at all time and cannot be more than 20 meters apart on land and not more than 10 metres during swimming.
  • The athletes shall never move further away than 10m from the trail.
  • The race organisation & the medical team can refuse a team to continue if they:
  • Are not equipped with above specified compulsory equipment.
  • Are not capable to continue the race, due to fatigue or being in poor physical condition.
  • Athletes must enter water feet first. Diving into water head first is not allowed.

Health and Safety

  • A medical assistance team will assure the participants security.
  • Medical personnel authorised by the event may examine any participant who appears in distress. If in the sole opinion of authorised medical personnel, it is in the best interest of the participant’s health and welfare, medical personnel may remove the participant from the event.
  • Participants must retire at once from race if ordered to do so by a member of the event’s official staff, official medical staff.


  • We will NOT accept ANY trash along the course.
  • Bins will be provided throughout the route.
  • Ensure you know how and prepare for carrying any trash between the provided stations.


  • July in Sigacik, Turkey is one of the hottest months and normally sees dry, hot weather with little rainfall. The average maximum temperature lies around 32.0°C (89.6°F). With a water temperature of around 23.0°C (73.4°F), this is a great month to hit the water. Expect longer days and shorter nights with an average sunset time of 20:30.
  • In case of extreme weather such as high winds or big sea or in case of another unexpected situation, the race organization has the right to shorten, or change the course or in worst case cancel the race.


Sponsor Markings

  • The teams are allowed to have sponsors marked on their race gear.

Race Swim Caps

  • The race swim caps cannot be modified in any way and must be worn and visible on all swims.

Race Bibs

  • The race bibs cannot be modified in any way and must be worn all the times.

Pictures and Images Rights

  • The athletes give the race organisation the right to use pictures and film material taken during the race to be used free of rights in marketing, press material, internet, television and movie. The athletes also accept our video or film crew to use drones as part of filming on the course.
  • All images and rights from the event are reserved. All unauthorised commercial use of images will be legally addressed.
  • We will have a dedicated and extensive media production team during the event, and you can expect to see photographers and press along the course.
  • We will share content online via our website and on social media using #EPICBlueTurkey
  • Our images are free for personal usage but not commercial use for promoting other events. Please contact us if you would like to access material for media: media@race.meridianadventures.com


  • We deeply believe that each destination we get to experience, has so much to offer and we strongly suggest you take the time to enjoy it.
  • Bring your friends and family members to enjoy the week with you
  • Our hosting partner, Hidden Bay Teos, offers various activities and experiences for all ages.
  • Hidden Bay Teos also offers babysitting and a Kids Club
  • If your friends and family would like to follow the race by boat, please contact Matteo Testa at enquiries@race.meridianadventures.com


  • Thanks to our hosting partner, Hidden Bay Teos, you will be able to choose from various accommodation options on-site.
  • From hotel rooms, to 3-bedroom apartments and luxury villa rentals, you will be able to find something that suits your taste.
  • The resort also has over 6 dining options to choose from.
  • AirBnB
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  • You can choose to travel to Sigacik, Turkey via bus, taxi, plane or ferry. The best way is to fly to Izmir, Turkey and take a 40min taxi drive to Sigacik.
  • You can arrange transport with our hosting partner, Hidden Bay Teos. The bus stop for Hidden Bay Teos, is right in front of the resort’s entrance.